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We got a dog!

We got a dog!

So...we've been talking about getting a dog for a little while now.  We decided we would (eventually) get a dog last summer.  But we built in some safety valves since we're out and about so much.  At first we said, "after Spain".  Then we said "after Christmas".  Then "after South Korea".  Up until last weekend it was until "after construction"... But we ran out of "afters" when we met this little guy.


How can you not adopt that face?!  It was extra tough since he had a twin brother too.  There was a moment of weakness when I looked at Marissa while at the meet and greet and said "We could just adopt both of them".  She laughed a cute and knowing laugh back at me..."sure, but no".  Soon the euphoria faded. I knew we could only get one dog and Morton (now renamed Zermatt) stole our hearts.


e adopted Zermatt on Sunday, May 6th from Forte Animal Resuce. All the volunteers there have been super helpful and really care about finding great homes for great pets. 

There has been some difference of opinion on just what kind of mutt he is but we do know his mom is a chihuahua mix. He has some facial chihuahua features for sure but also some beagle or boxer or basenji (depending on who you ask at the rescue).


His weight estimate is between 20-30lbs, but again we got different guesses from just about everyone.  I'm hoping he's closer to 30lbs, or maybe a bit more. Right now he weighs 4.4lbs  


He's already had his first round of shots and we're looking to get him his second set in about 3 more weeks. It's been a whirlwind of a first day, going to get a dog crate, buying food, cleaning the house, installing pet fences. I am a bit exhausted but the joy he brings to Marissa's face and the fun we've already had make it all worth it. Day 1 done!

Day 2 (and night 1)

Day 2 (and night 1)