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A Day 4 Poops

A Day 4 Poops

Day 4 is in the books! What a day. We're getting some pretty solid "sleeping on the floor" time because someone, who's name rhymes with "Bermatt", does not like to be left more than 3 feet away at 3am after tinkle time. But after we were all up it was a banner day.  A 4 poops kind of day (as in Zermatt pooped for times today!).


I set up a camera so I could keep tabs on him while we work on getting Zermatt used to us being not always right near by.  


We also had some morning nap times.  


 Then some fun leash time. He made some great strides today but still a ways to go.  


Of course we we had some playtime with the toy bear.


 And now he has two champagne toys!


He's also way more brave than we was yesterday. He's now got a favorite window. He was looking down on his kingdom for a while today.

In the evening Zermatt had so many new visitors. Jen came back to visit again along with her husband Matt, our friend Casey and Marissa's long time friend Todd and his girlfriend Carrie. He did so well; a few barks but mostly he was a champ.


All the excitement got him pretty tired out. Just before everyone left Zermatt climbed in my lap for some sweet lap nap time. 

Day 3: Accident Free!

Day 3: Accident Free!