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Gold Digging

Tonight the Team USA boys curl for Gold against Sweden.  What a moment for them.  Historic.  First time a US team has curled in a gold medal game.  So epic.

Electrifying.  Momentous.  Magical.  Those are a few of the words that start to describe what it was like to see them beat Canada in the semi-final game to get the opportunity to go for the gold. 

We were lucky enough to be in the midst of the amazing USA section with all the friends and family...  cheering our hearts out and watching the guys shine on the ice. 

Team USA Fans in the Stands

Team USA Fans in the Stands

It was a close game from the start, with some amazing shotmaking.  And it wasn’t until Canadian skip, Koe, was super short on his draw in the 8th to give up a steal of 2 to USA that a big mistake was made.  Then Laing from Canada hogged a rock in the 9th.  Canada was falling apart under the weight of the USA’s curling prowess.  John made a great freeze to force Canada to 1 in the 9th and then he ended up with a sweet open hit for the US win in the 10th.  Shuster nailed it.  And ticket to the gold medal game booked.

I won’t ever forget the feeling or the screams of joy, the hugs, the tears, the totally overwhelming euphoria of that victory and being able to share it with all of those around us. 

What a moment.  What a team. 

Now onto Gold! 


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