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Snow Fun

Snow Fun

Yesterday we had a bit of a free morning and afternoon so we headed up to the mountains and hung out at the Proctor Gamble house.  It was chilly up there!  Though I guess chilly is good for the area where you depend on snow for your sport. 

We walked around the Swiss House area for a bit.  They are putting in a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Sion, Switzerland, which would be incredible.  Let’s hope that happens! 

Chris at the 2026 bid chalet

Chris at the 2026 bid chalet

They were showing the US Women vs Canada gold medal game in the Proctor Gamble house.  What a thrilling match to watch!  What and end!  Go Team USA!  It was fun to have the vibe of so many USA fans around cheering for the team and sending so much love.  Pretty epic the kind of support and pride you feel from everyone you are around.  And the way the other countries support and cheer for you when their team isn’t playing.  Such a great atmosphere.

We also tried a biathlon shooting game at the Sweden House.  I think the mechanism was broken, but I assume both of us totally nailed all of our shots.


No trip to the mountains would be complete however without a little Raclette from the Swiss House.  Can’t pass up delicious melted cheese with a glass of gluhwein on the side.


After the raclette, we ran into the Swiss curling contingent and went to grab a beer with them.  It was nice to be able to relax and chat and do a bit of catching up.  The girls leave to go back to Switzerland on Saturday...  can’t believe the adventure is coming to a close.   What a journey they have had.

It was soon time to head down the mountain and meet up with Katie to go to the US Men’s Curling semi-final game.  And all I’ll say about that is...  it definitely deserves its own blog post. 

To be continued... 

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