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Throwing Stones at Houses

Throwing Stones at Houses

You can throw stones at houses out on the ice, but don’t try to cast a stone at the House of Curling off the sheet.

It has been so interesting to follow the world response to curling on social media.  So many people discovering the sport, falling in love with it, being charmed by the players (and their mustaches in the case of Matt Hamilton). ..  but some of them just not getting it.

Cue Kirstie Alley’s tweet... 


Oh no she didn’t...

Sure - you don’t have to like every sport...  I don’t choose to watch football, but jeez if you choose to start a tweet with “I don’t mean to be mean...” - guess what?  You are probably gonna come off mean. 

So Team Shuster fired back.  Maybe wouldn’t have been my first choice to be mean back to her but I guess when you want to fight fire with fire... 


And who would have known the next stop would be tons of media coverage of USA Curling vs Kristie Alley.

But before the curling world needed to enlist Mr. T to take down Kirstie, she seemed to have a change of heart.  The legions of curling fans must have scared her more than those freaky Scientology volcano aliens.


Anyway, the support and love for curling has been just electric and so inspiring to see.  I hope it carries on for much longer than the Kirstie feud (and I hope she really does come try it for herself at Hollywood Curling.)


If nothing else, she will at least buy a Men of Curling calendar. 


Moral of the story...  don’t cast stones to be hurtful.  Be understanding of the things other people love, be willing to say when you might be wrong, and go Team Shuster!

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